About The Trip

We are Chris and Amanda, city dwellers and long-time friends with one thing in common; our many passions and talents don’t fit neatly inside “the box”. On July 16th, we will take a break from our 9-5s and take a 12-day-long road trip across the country.

Our goal on this journey is to step outside of the box, meet new people, see the countryside, capture beautiful images, and explore the many facets of ourselves. This is where we document our journey as artists, philosophers, travelers, and lovers of people. This is where we capture the road.

Chris Hershman

Chris Hershman is a Chicago-based photographer and visual artist. He creates films for major and minor label music artists, local businesses, weddings, and major social events. He spends 9-5 making short, creative films for the iconic Chicago Music Exchange and has worked with artists such as Paul Reed Smith, Brian Blade, Maps and Atlases, Alabama Shakes, Empires, and Mates of State.

His work draws inspiration from the live music, natural lighting, organic experiences, genuine people, and raw talent around him. Chris is an urban cowboy with a love of denim and vintage motorcycles who captures life the way he sees it.

Amanda Farmer

Amanda Farmer is a special education teacher, natural-born traveler, and creativity enthusiast. She began dancing at the age of three and growing up, she learned to express herself through the art of movement.

Throughout her life, Amanda’s artistic expression has taken on may forms including creative writing, song writing, fashion styling, interior design, and photography.