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    • Capture The Road: Behind The Camera

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      *Capture the Road has recently been featured in the Calumet Photographic blog that goes into great depth about the photography perspective of the CTR travels. Below is the full written article. Feel free to visit the and read the article on the Calumet blog as well.


      I’m Chris Hershman, a Chicago based photographer and filmmaker. Taking photos and filming bands perform live has been my job for the past three years. Not long ago I was working in a music store selling these bands drums and guitars, now I’ve transitioned to creating their content, propelling their brand forward.

      I recently created a cross-country photography project that I call Capture The Road. CTR is about creating time in our busy schedules to pursue personal dreams and aspirations to act out those dreams of wanting to become a great photographer one day.

      For me I needed to carve out this time to grow my photography skill set. I knew there was much I needed to learn about the art of capturing striking images of people, places and things. Forcing myself to shoot all day for 12 days in different landscapes and colorful terrain totally changed my perspective and approach to shooting in natural light.

      THE GEAR

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