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      Portland, OR
      Portland, OR
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    • Capture The Road – Portland

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      Portland is the first stop on our trip where we had both never been and both knew no one. We found our way around the old-fashion way; Yelping the best brunch, Goggling the cheapest places to stay, and using Siri to get us from point A to point B. Our first impression was that Portland has A LOT of bridges, and even more local businesses. Capture The Road loves local so we are going to take this time to highlight the best of what we found in Portland.

      We stopped and talked with a couple of guys who were working on a motorcycle in their front yard. Since Chris is a motorcycle enthusiast, we asked if there was any good motorcycle shops in the area. They insisted that if we wanted to check out the Portland bike community, we had to hit up See See Motor Coffee Co.

      See See is a fully functional motorcycle shop with apparel, gear, and parts. The front part of the store is a coffee house that serves locally brewed Stumptown Coffee. It was exactly what we needed; caffeine and Cafe Racers.

      We noticed that there are a lot of multitasking businesses here. Our next great find was The White Eagle. Owned by the McMenamins, this legendary rock n’ roll hotel and historic saloon is popularly called “The most Haunted Hotel in Portland”.  White Eagle has some serious ambiance, the cheapest prices in town, 11 rooms, live music every night, and a fire pit out in the beer garden. The waitstaff filled us in on everything we needed to know about Portland, and we got a taste of home when we noticed that one of the touring bands, Northeast Northwest, was sporting a guitar strap made by our friends at (Souldier Strap).

      Last Stop, Cap’n Crunch donuts from Voodoo Doughnuts. Enough Said.

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