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    • Capture The Road Presents: An Eye Spy Optical Film

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      Capture The Road Presents: An Eye Spy Optical Film

      We’re Home! We’ve spent the last week back in the “real world” and Chris has been hard at work editing the video footage from our trip. Here is the final video of our travels to the West Coast and back!

      During this trip we’ve partnered with an amazing eye glass boutique called Eye Spy Optical, located here in Chicago. They sent us on our way with a dozen or so designer frames that are sold in their shop. The collection included frames by Theo, Anne Et  Valentin, Francis Klein Paris, Rapp, Mykita and Anni Shades.

      Stay connected with us on Facebook to be updated about our next journey. We would like to thank the entire Eye Spy crew, Nick at Paice Studios, Ryan Lodge, and Tyler Rima for showing us Denver and letting us film him, and our bosses for giving us the time off to pursue our ambitious dreams.

      *Capture The Road is the tale of two determined travelers who don’t let the work week stop them from perusing their passion for living life on the open road. We encourage others to force the time in their busy schedule to pursue their deepest passions for their lives and to inspire people to live their life to the fullest, without excuses.   



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