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      San Francisco, CA
      San Francisco, CA
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    • Capture The Road – The Pacific Coast Highway

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      Portland to San Francisco was one of the more exciting and spontaneous legs of our journey. We could have made it down the coast in far less time by taking The 5, but we wanted to get the full road trip experience by taking the scenic Pacific Coast Highway, overlooking the ocean. While in the heart of wine country, we stopped to get fruit from some local produce vendors, ate a corndog from the road-side stand that invented the perfect travel food over 70 years ago, and flew an airplane.

      Yes, I just said “flew an airplane”. Up to this point, I (Amanda) had no idea that Chris’s dad was a pilot and that Chris had grown up around aviation his whole life. Before I knew what was happening, we had pulled off the road, parked outside of an airfield that Chris had spotted, and he was uttering the famous last words, “Wouldn’t it be cool to go for a ride in one of those things?!”.  We were in the air within a half hour.

      Our Pilot, John, has been flying for almost 50 years and, luckily for me, he is also a flight instructor. He took us up in a small, 4-person aircraft and flew us over wine country for about an hour. The most exciting part, by far, was getting our first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean from the air; soaring a mere 100ft over the water directly next to some epic cliffs. John gave me a quick flying lesson and then let me loose to steer us back to the runway.

      In San Francisco, we met up with our friend, Kathleen, in Dolorus Park. She brought along her friends, Molly & Jill, who embodied the fun, colorful atmosphere of San Francisco. We couldn’t pass up a photo op with them in some funky frames from Eye Spy Optical.

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