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    • Capture The Road – The Road To Seattle

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      A lot has happened since our last post. The journey has been long, but we have finally made it to the West Coast! We Left Sioux Falls, South Dakota and drove through the night to Billings, Montana. We ran out of gas, cell reception, and paved roads. Luckily, we were traveling with a full gas can and the pitstop gave us the opportunity to step out of the truck and stand in awe of the incredible amount of stars in Big Sky Country. We were welcomed to Billings by our friends, Mike and Erica, and their two sweet dogs, Luah and Bailey. We cannot thank them enough for their extraordinary hospitality!

      The plan was to leave Billings and drive straight through to Seattle on Friday, but we only got as far as Bozeman before we broke down. We were insanely fortunate to have broken down directly outside of a repair shop that was able to fix the truck and get us on the road within a few hours. While we were waiting, we got some editing done, shot photos with a vintage VW that was on the lot, and took a look around the local sidewalk sale. That’s where we met Elisha, a 60-year-old, original “jpausa”, (A member of the Jesus People Army movement that started in Seattle in the 60′s) slinging some mean slide guitar.

      We pulled into Seattle one day later than expected; but it felt so good to finally be on the  West Coast! Our first stop was the famous Pike Place Market. We couldn’t pass through town without visiting our buddies in Deep Sea Diver. Our friends, Peter and Jess, let us stop by their house for a Deep Sea Diver band practice. Jess is well known for playing previously with The Shins, Beck, and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Her husband and bandmate, Peter, plays drums and makes a mean cup of Seattle coffee.

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    1. Very nice! I might try the same idea of documenting it with a cross country trip this fall, but I probably need to upgrade my camera. by the way, looks like you will be passing through Mt. Pleasant/New London/Mt. Union Iowa. I was just there in June. Good camera food. Old towns. Old houses. In Rome, IA, right near there, there is an old church completely covered in vines except for a gothic stained glass window or two.

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